Loaner Herd

We went to go check on our loaner herd, the 4 cows with their calves and a bull. They were moved to a neighbor farm when the owner of the ground could not keep up with all the pastures. The loaner critters have been happily meandering from field to field all late spring and early summer.

A small herd of black angus cows with calves.By using this loaner herd, the neighbor will not have to spend his time and effort mowing the fields to keep the fire danger low.

We moved the bull out of the herd and transported him back to our farm, because his work was done for this loaner program, since the cows have been bred and the pasture is no longer producing massive amounts of new grass.

The cows with their calves will continue on with their grazing until the summer heats up and the grass dries out. At that time we will move them back to our farm also.

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