Completed Task

It took more than a week, but the task of limbing the trees along the current logging road is  complete. Each day, the trek up the hill with the pole saw became easier and easier as I worked my way downhill.

Thank goodness the battery for my saw-on-a-stick only lasts 2 hours. I seem to run out of power before the battery does and am ready for the work to end. Working the lower portions of the logging road (skid road), I have gotten out of the tall firs with limbs larger around than my arms, to younger trees. Not those huge limbs that I had been dodging as they fell to the ground, but these smaller limbs are much more profuse. The tangle of several trees together along with large leaf maple, vine maple, hazelnut and ocean spray had me sliding down the road sideways on the steep slope with the pole saw high above my head.

All in all, the project turned out beautiful, the road is clear for the on-going logging job of cleaning out the dead and dying trees.

I am very glad that hay season just ended. That 2 week workout got me in shape for this little project!




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