Haircuts For Everyone

After the first baths, the haircuts come next.

Black Angus cow getting a haircut.Mike started off with Quiet, the cow. This would be the easiest clipping for the day. Quiet had been showed when she was a young heifer and knew all about haircuts and the fitting chute. Also, Black Angus as they age, don’t keep all that fuzzy, thick hair, so this animal just needs basic grooming around her face and back by her tail. When clipping is done the loose hair will be blown away with the blower before moving onto the next animal.

Black Angus heifer getting a haircut.The heifer, Chex, has grown a thick mat of hair down her legs, under her belly as well as extra hair around her neck and flanks. Trimming will take quite a bit longer on her.

For the show string, haircuts will be spaced out between 2 days. It is just too much to be done all at one time.


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