Using the Dehydrator for Peaches

Peaches ready to be taken out of dehydrator.This good peach season has the dehydrator running full-time to capture some of the season for winter.

Past posts have told about my ’emergency fruit’ packets that have found their way into every vehicle, coat pocket, lunch box and purse close to my vicinity.

Adding peaches to the mix of dried pear, apple and plum slices makes the little baggies a sweet treat no matter what the circumstances.

Peeling and slicing the peaches to fill the 12 racks of the dehydrator takes about 3 hours. It is a good idea to attempt to keep the slices a fairly uniform size so they dry at the same rate. The slices are arranged on the trays to maximize space while still being single layer. It takes between 12 and 24 hours to dry a full dehydrator full of fruit (this is even with the careful placing of single layer and uniformity). A timer just does not work on this project, the process needs to have hands on checking after the first 12 hours.

The outcome of this whole dehydrator session is just over 2 quart bags of dried fruit.




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