Have a Slice of Pake

The peaches just keep coming and the A fresh baked pie with a custardy/cake filling.recipes do also!

I like to make what I call ‘pake’, it has a pie  crust with the filling akin to a fruity custardy/cake.

Since I don’t like to follow recipes much, or rather, not at all, this is a totally improvised take on a dessert that seems to make everyone happy.

Start with your favorite pie crust (store bought frozen if that is what you like), my crust recipe has been handed down since liquid vegetable oil was first used.

Oil Pie Crust

1 1/2 cups flour

less than 1 t. salt (I just do 2 shakes of the shaker)


1/2 cup oil

Stir til mixed (the mess in the bowl will look like powdered marbles)


4 T. water all at once

Stir until mixed (at first you will think you did something wrong, but as it is mixed it will begin to make a smooth wad)

Divide wad and roll the 2 halves between wax paper.

Can be easily patched and can be rolled very, very thin if you prefer. Peel top off wax paper then set it back on, flip the entire rolled dough with both wax papers, and peel off the layer that had been the bottom layer that is now on the top. With the once bottom/now top off, the rolled crust can be  flipped into the pie pan, the loosened wax paper that was originally the top can be removed easily. Repeat with the second crust.

Remember to cut holes in top for vents when pie cooks.

As for the filling (no measuring needed)

about 3 T. yellow cake mix

2 eggs

dash of vanilla

mix in lightly with enough peaches to fill pan

a couple pats of butter across the peaches just before the top crust is put on


The results are a custardy/cakey filling that surprises guests that clamor for the recipe!






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