Lottsa Plums

A cluster of plums starting to turn purple on the tree.Just a couple of weeks ago, the plums were barely turning purple. Now they are fully ripe and falling off the trees.

The tree we had across the road has already been picked clean by the scavenger crows so I will have to pick all the ones on the closer trees to keep them from being decimated by the birds. I have also tethered one of the dogs below the tree at night to ward off any raccoons that are thinking about sneaking in for a tree-full of sweetness. The dog not only guards, but he also cleans up any fallen fruit thus keeping the yellow jacket bee population away from the garden.

The dog Jackson loves all fruit, plums are one of his favorites. He runs around under the tree with his nose just barely off the surface and ‘hoovers’ (as in vacuuming) the plums. After about 20 or so he begins to slow his pace and begins to pick up one plum at a time and spends time chewing (and spitting out the pit).

The bounty this year has the tree drooping and I am giving away much more than I am harvesting. It seems like pears, plums and apples are bumper crops all across this area. Neighbors are inundated with the fruit just as I am.




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