Half Baked Potatoes

A dish of halved potatoes are ready for the oven.I think a proper name for this dish is baked half potatoes but I like half baked better so here it is!

I had assumed that I was going to be digging baby red potatoes for and evening meal. I was surprised that the reds had grown almost to baking potato size and had to improvise my meal.

Instead of parsley-ed baby reds, I cut the large tubers in half and scored the cut edge.

In a large baking dish (this one was 13 x 11), I dribbled a little melted butter, crushed garlic, onion, parsley and some Parmesan cheese. You can easily add crumbled bacon and some sour cream if you wanted.

The potatoes are layered scored side down on the bottom layers of stuffing ingredients and bake at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes when a fork can easily penetrate the spuds.

Each half baked potato comes out with its own toppings already baked into the scored surface and it takes less time than baking them whole.


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