Almost Made It to the Last Load

There is a bump in the road that is hampering the end of our logging for the year. It is a big bump, the size of a bulldozer.

Mike had been piling the logs in the landing into decks easily accessible for the self-loader log truck to grab, when the caterpillar stopped moving. The engine runs, the blade can go up and down, but the machine seems to be stuck between gears and will not shift to go into forward or reverse. He was down to trying to finish the last two loads of the year.

The two loads in the deck (one is domestic and one is export) are nearly complete and will not be viable logs for the mill if they are left to dry out through the winter months. Since the decks are on the other side of the river crossing, access will soon be cut off for the rest of the year. The earliest we  would be able to ship them would be next June because of crossing restrictions.

Bulldozer being towed by tractor.Mike had to tow the dozer away from the deck landing with the tractor just to have access to the equipment for repair and access to the logs to finish piling and eventual hauling.

He is going to try to finish the two loads with the tractor and get them hauled before attempting the repair of the Caterpillar. That means that the straggler trees high on the hill will not be harvested this year, he will have to concentrate on the easier to reach logs in order to complete the job.

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