Loading Up the Dehydrator

A tray of vegetables ready for the dehydator.As the summer starts to wind down, the dehydrator is running full blast trying to capture all the goodness of the garden and orchard.

Between loads of plums and pears, I sneak in a tray or two of veggies. This time I grated cucumbers, zucchini,  diced green onions, parsley, and halved cherry tomatoes. The dried mix will be added to a large bowl along with dried carrots, corn, green beans and what ever I happen to grab out of the garden like cilantro, tomatillo, chives and sometimes even potato and cabbage. The mix will all be stirred together and sealed in small freezer bags for portion control.

The veggie mix will be soup and stew base during winter. And before you ask, NO, THERE IS NO RECIPE! This is another of my famous, wild-hair, impromptu additions that can never be duplicated, although it is sure fun to keep trying!


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