The Uphill Fence

The end of the fence uphill under the trees.This beautiful setting is the finale of the up-hill fence that my right hand helper and I have been working on since the end of the hay season.

As the crow flies, it is just up above the barns and pastures. In reality, it takes logging road switchbacks and skid roads about 10 minutes to drive to with the Gator. Once it starts raining, the Gator option will not be viable for the roads become slippery and are much too steep to traverse, the only way to the top of the hill for the rest of the year until next summer will be by foot.

We have finally completed this last stretch of fence. Calculated out, this fence line is now about an 1/8 of a mile long. Most of it had to be unhooked from broken fence posts and re-strung from scratch with newly inserted posts. It was quite the effort to get it done. Barb wire pokes, and sore muscles from cranking on the fencing hammer to tighten the wires came to a close for this section.

Next year, this stretch of fence will need to be continued to be re-made around the corner post that is this old growth stump and will head across the top of the property.


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