Looking For a Mushroom Bounty

A colorful shelf mushroom found in late summer.As you can see from the picture, this shelf mushroom dwarfs my work glove on the right.

This specimen is called Chicken of the Woods. The outer edges are rubbery and I have been told they are edible when very young and tender, and they do have a chicken-ish flavor. Since I have yet to speak to an actual person that has consumed this particular variety and will share an eating experience with me, this is one that I will stick to just photos for now.

This was the only mushroom I was able to find on my walk through the woods on this day even though we had some good rains roll through the area about 10 days ago. It appears that the woods were dry enough with the string of 100 degree days about a month ago that the showers were not enough to do any more than just dampen the surface. The woods feel dry and dusty as I walked along deer trails and through the understory of brush.

Now, I will have to wait for at least another week before edible wild mushrooms will pop up in the woods and I will begin to ‘hunt’ again.

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