Waiting For Ready

The break between pears and the fall apples doesn’t last long.

Honeycrisp apples on the tree.The Honeycrisp apples are very large this year and are starting to get a touch of red on their skins.

This apple is one of my favorites. The crispness of the fruit along with sweet juiciness that tends to drip down my chin when eating reminds me of Gravenstein apples but with a slightly thinner skin.

It is hard to resist these fist sized apples, but they are still not fully ripe. After the red is first visible, it is still a couple of weeks before the sweetness of the apple is fully established.

This is only the third year of production for this tree. Last year it was so loaded that we had to strip off multi-buckets of apples early in the season and again half-way through the growing process and still had to prop branches from  breaking under the heavy load. This year, there are only about 40 apples on the tree, but the ending volume will be about the same as last year.

This apple is perfect for fresh eating, pies and quick breads, dehydrating, canning, and freezing for winter baking.


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