Close On The Heels

The other late fall apples will be ripening soon. The Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious, King, Johnathan and winter apples will be nearing their prime about the time the Honeycrisp finish their season.

The late fall apples have the unique ability to change their fleshy structure when they get close to ripe and especially after the first frost of the season. Near the center, the fruit begins to crystallize and concentrate the sugar in the apple. the process turns the white flesh opaque.

Grocers and farm markets have noticed this phenomenon and have dubbed the fruit ‘ice apples’. It has become the marketing edge used to entice the consumer to try the fruit that looks different from the apple that they are used to eating.

‘Ice apples’ were favored by those in the know for a long time before they were given this new name. On the farm, have a couple of varieties that hang on the trees long enough to get frosted several times before we pick them for fresh eating. They are also the absolute best for applesauce because of the extra sweetness.



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