Path Paved With Good Intentions and Filberts

The way out to the bull pen barn can get muddy and slippery during the winter time. Instead of opening gates to make the twice daily walk, a shortcut has been made that requires a step over an electric fence and between the stock tanks along the edge of the two pens.

The narrow path over electric fence and between stock tanks.The path does not allow for error, one slip and you would end up in a tank or tangled in the hot fence. Neither option is glamorous, funny or healthy for the person who has to feed the bulls.

Since the filbert trees are giving me tons of fibrous refuse, my plan is to layer both husks and shells as a way to pave this path before winter sets in.

The husks on the tree hold the nuts while they are forming.A set of three filberts in husk. As the nuts mature, the good ones fall out of the husks. The nuts that remain firmly attached inside the husks are blanks, or what my family knows as duds.

Nuts in husks.The duds and the husks fall from the tree also. I harvest the duds and husks into a second bucket as I pick up the good nuts with the ratio being about 10/1 in favor of the duds.

Husks and duds in bucket.

Also, after I shell the nuts, the broken shells will be added to the path. As the path is walked the husks, duds and shells will mix in with dirt, mud and rocks that are already there and form a solid path through the obstacle course to the bull barn.

Path covered with filbert husks and shells.

The path will continue to get more husks and shells as I work through the piles of filberts that I have picked up.

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