Vet Check for Five Heifers

We are very fortunate to have quality veterinary care in the area. We can take care of most of the basic veterinary care without assistance but once and a while we need outside services.  The local vet office is about 20 minutes from the farm. Hauling the animals to the vet can work out if there is only one or two animals that need professional attention, but when it comes to working with groups of animals, the vet comes to the farm.

The group of heifers that have just been weaned need to be certified by the veterinarian so that they can be sold as Registered Breeding Stock. One of the newest doctors in the vet office is a local kid that grew up in Washington County, showed animals at the county fair in both 4-H and FFA, attended vet school at Oregon State University and is now working at our vet office.

Heifers locked in head gates with rope halters on.Before CB got to the farm, we locked the heifers into the head gates (stanchions) and put rope halters on them.

Once CB checked ages and papers for the group, she went to work with the tattoo and metal eartag on each heifer.

Although CB is not a very large person, she has a good balance when working with large animals and is quick and effective with the required eartags and tattoo certification of each animal. It took less than 25 minutes to complete all the vet and paperwork for the group, and they are now ready to be sold.


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