More Questions About The A-Pear-Ant Miracle

My miracle pear tree is still causing questions. As you may recall, this is the tree that was planted more than 20 years ago, had bloomed several different years but had not produced a single bit a fruit during its’ lifespan. I gave up on it more than 10 years ago and have ignored it since.

A group of un-named pears.Well, this year, it bloomed and actually set on pears and I was so surprised.

I had to go and harvest the whole tree since it is planted by one of the pastures and the cows are known to wait for fruit to fall so they can get a treat.

Once in the house, I sliced open one of them and was surprised by the skin, the texture and the flesh. It does not fit the description of any pear I know of and will throw the question out to readers if they happen to know the variety.

The pears look like Bartletts when they are growing, although the skin has a slightly waxy feeling. They tend to bruise easily and are not a good ‘keeper’ variety.One Bosc and one un-named pear.

They have the sweetness of the Bosc but are quite a bit smaller, with the texture of an Asian Pear but not quite as grainy

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