More Filberts

A tray of filberts.The filberts/hazelnuts have been falling a little at a time as they ripen. It has become a daily chore, picking up the filberts that had fallen during the night. At first it was just a few each morning, now the amount off the four trees fill up a couple of coffee cans. If left on the ground, the Gray Squirrels and raccoons will move in and harvest them for me. The Jaybirds are hitting the ripening crop wildly and they can be seen and heard squawking and pecking as I am harvesting.

The evidence can be found as I pick up the fallen nuts.Two filberts that had been pecked by Jaybirds.

The nut on the left has been picked clean, the one on the right had been broken into, but the bird only got half of the nut before it accidentally dropped it on the ground. These shells will go in with the husks and the broken shells that I have to the bull pen path.

It takes more time for me each morning as the husks are also falling, many times the nuts are still encased. As I de-husk, I throw the husks that you had seen in earlier posts into a bushel basket that is dumped when full to continue to pave the path in the bull pen.

The garage is loaded with trays of drying nuts. I will have to get all the filberts out of the way soon because the walnuts will be starting to fall anytime now. The nuts on the mesh trays are still very wet and the ones in the round trays are almost dried and already have been shelled to complete the drying process.

After they are dried, they will be sealed in bags and frozen until needed. The crop is astounding this year, this harvest is the largest that I can remember.


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