Rain, Wind and Tornadoes

What a busy weekend! A series of fall storms were predicted for Western Oregon and the blustery hit of the first storm had us watching the news throughout the days.

Forecasts of heavy rain, gale force winds and coastal flooding turned to calls for tornado watches along the coast. Watches turned to warnings as the possibility of hurricane force winds hitting the coastal lands. Before the day was over, ten warning for tornadoes had been posted by the weather service, never before in the history of reporting of any one storm been more than two warnings.

Two tornadoes did actually touch down along the coast, luckily they were not too bad and there was no loss of life. They will be busy rebuilding for quite a while.

By the second day, we were glued to the TV since the next storm was to be much worse than this first one. Higher, sustained winds were forecasted for the area and we were concerned about the forest damage that could occur with 150 mph gusts. This second storm was not a direct hit on the coast and we got only 50-60 mile an hour winds. We were again fortunate to have been missed by a direct hit.

River running high after heavy rains.We had more than a foot of rain over the last week with the river coming up quickly. All our culverts are running swiftly.

The forest was too dangerous to walk through so it will be interesting to see what things look like in the coming week.


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