Finding Damaged Timber

Looking through the understory at downed trees.While out walking in the woods, we noticed some trees down on the next ridge over from where we were standing. I could not see the trees from where I was standing, Mike happened to notice one tree at an odd angle on the far hillside and when he investigated further, he noticed 6-8 trees down.

Sometime between late last fall after mushroom season and now, several trees had fallen and will need to be logged out of the area this coming year. Now that the fall has settled in and the ground is soggy, nothing will be able to be done with these trees until after the worst of the winter weather.

Man climbing a ridge to find fallen timber.Most likely, the trees had come down in January when we had lots of rain and then a windstorm.

This is another reason why we need to get our bulldozer up and running again, there would be no way to get these trees out of the woods any other way.


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