Straggly Garden

Especially after this month of exceptional moisture, the garden is looking exceptionally straggly. All summer squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, tomatillo, eggplant, along with the few fall strawberries and raspberries, have melted with all the rain that pelted them this whole month long.

The forest calls my name during this kind of weather and I tend to head out into the tall firs to hunt mushrooms when I get a break from fall to winter prep work. Besides, I would rather not have to slog through the garden with boots so thick with mud that it becomes impossible to even walk.

So I have been waiting for a dry spell to get out there for a garden cleanup, but that just doesn’t seem to be happening. The last time we had a dry day was spent getting all the lawn mowed and a few leaves picked up.Leaves down in driveway after storms. Still, the leaves in the driveway continue to be washed with rain and ran over with each coming and going of cars, pickups, tractors and Gators. The garden will just have to wait for a little while before getting cleaned up before winter.

You may see a frantic post in a few weeks belying the fact that I am frustrated that I didn’t get the garden cleaned up sooner. I will appreciate it if you don’t remind me about this post when you read that I am sorry I waited.

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