Falling Leaves Answer Question

A couple of weeks ago, I had mentioned the black walnut trees that were beginning to lose their leaves and wondered about how much of a nut crop I would get off the large trees that dot the edge of one of the fields.

A nearly bare black walnut tree during the fall. With our last round of storms, most of the leaves have fallen and I can now see how many nuts I will be able to harvest.

The answer; in a nutshell, so to speak, very few. A couple of the four large trees do not sport a single nut, the other two trees have less than a dozen nuts on them.

A single black walnut hangs on a bare branch.This picture of a single black walnut hanging by itself out on a bare limb shows just how poor the crop is this year.

I tend to believe that the big trees are still trying to recover from the brutal summer we had last year. The stress of the long, hot, dry summer is showing in many of the trees in shrubs on the farm.

Although these black walnuts do not seem to be so extremely stressed that the mortal viability of the trees are in jeopardy. but it may take a year or two before they are back to producing as normal.


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