A Treat Under The Trees

Yippee! I found a special treat under the fir and maple trees in the yard. A field mushroom found popping up in lawn under dried maple leaves.

Field Mushrooms. I had a patch of them growing under these trees a couple of years ago but they did not grow at all last year during the very short fall season we had before a killing frost.

This one popped up in the grass under a few dried maple leaves.

Field mushrooms are closely related to the common white mushrooms that you would buy in the grocery store although these are quite a bit larger and have a brown spot on the very crown that looks like it was dusted with cocoa powder.A closeup of the crown of a field mushroom with brown spot.

I had just the dish to use this wonderful surprise, creamy potato mushroom soup.

I make this fall soup in a crock pot and I make enough to last for several days. The flavor gets better each day as the leftovers in the fridge await the next mealtime.

I scoured the garden to find lots of vegetables to begin the stock. Carrots, onions, garlic, chives, peppers were chopped and browned in a bit of olive oil. The browned veggies were added to a crock pot that was half full of sliced fingerling potatoes cooking in two cups of broth. I added some grated ginger to the mix and let it slow cook for about five hours.

I took some of the Chanterelles that I had picked and the field mushroom, diced them up and added them to the crock pot for one last hour of cooking. The mushrooms filled the large crock pot to the brim. It didn’t leave any room for the final ingredient, cream.

When it came time to serve, I had to remove two cups of the cooked mixture to add about a half cup of cream and stir in black pepper, smoked paprika and a pinch of salt. After I had pulled out a few servings of soup, I added the removed cups to the mixture and incorporated it back into the soup.

Over-producing this fall favorite is not a problem. We enjoyed this mushroom-packed dish for several days. In the meantime, I am monitoring the trees in the year daily in the hopes that more of the field mushrooms will pop up for me to use.


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