The Last Eight

With the assistance of our right-hand-helper, the last eight calves have had their green nose rings inserted. These last calves of the season are getting pretty big and we needed a little extra muscle to control the calves that are ranging upward to 800 lbs.

The mother cows have been doing an exceptional job of producing nourishing milk to their babies while they are also eating hay and grazing throughout the day. The moms are ready for the calves to stop nursing, besides they have the important task of giving nutrients to the babies that are already developing inside them.

In three days, we will again move the herd into the barn where we will separate the calves from the mothers. The mothers will be moved to the far field across the river where the grass has been growing and will be a good spot to hang out for up to a week. The calves will be loaded into the stock trailer for their first ride and brought over the river and across the road to the show barn where I will introduce them to sliced apples, grain and all the hay they can eat.

Many of these calves have already been spoken for and will be ready for sale as soon as they are eating well and have their vet check completed.

The last of the weaning is just another sign that the seasons are changing as we gear up for winter weather. Looking ahead, less than two months to go before we start seeing new calves from the mothers that were bred early.


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