The Salvage Mess

The mess that was left in the landing after logging consisted of broken chunks, tops that were too small to ship, butt pieces and logs that had rot, sweep or bug and were not good enough to be sold.

A large pile of wood left over from the logging operation.Working through the pile took most of the late summer and early fall, but the landing is now completely cleaned up. I had loaded the last few stragglers last week before we closed the gates into the field where the cows were currently grazing.

The salvaged wood has been stacked next to the outdoor boiler (our heat source for the house) just in time for the colder, wetter weather.

This wood pile area will be off limits to powered vehicles until spring when we can again drive through the pasture/hayfields without sinking in the soft turf.

It is a good feeling to be able to see the area cleaned up from the pile of refuse. We will be throwing grass and clover seed on the area so that it will be productive again with greens for the cows in the spring.

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