Kittens Sharpen Hunting Skills

Momma Cat and Grandma Cat had gone missing since we brought the four kittens home. Maybe missing isn’t quite the right word, they were just distant. We would catch a glimpse of them scouting around the barn across the river or patrolling the fence lines, but they would not come anywhere near the house or show barn once the chaos of four kittens showed up and destroyed their peaceful existence.

That was the case until the vermin and varmint population started to dwindle with the changing of the seasons. About a month ago, first Momma Cat showed up once and a while to claim her share of the dinner kibble, about a week later Grandma Cat made her appearance. At first they were very skittish around the new kittens who had grown all summer and were now as big as them, but the adults would command time at the food bowl before dashing off into the night. Everyday the two elder cats would get more and more friendly with the rough kittens and now  altogether the group is a peaceful cohabiting group of six.

The kittens are being showed proper hunting techniques by the older cats and they are learning quickly. They chase and eat bugs like crazy, and love it when a bird falls from the sky(with the help of a shotgun). They have taken up their own patrols in search of unwanted guests.

A black cat with a chipmunk in his mouth.Just the other day, Asher caught a chipmunk and had to bring it to me to show his prowess. There was a lot of growling and posturing going on to remind his siblings that this was his catch only.

Good hunters are just what we needed around here to keep the population down on critters that want to nest and foul the hay we feed the cattle.


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