Moles At It Again

A large mole in a trap.Four traps were set after a barrage of mole mounds showed up in the garden, under the fruit trees, near the river by the bridge and one messing up the area around the filled-in culvert.

Out of the four traps, three of them had caught a critter,. We now believe that the one in the garden was the same one under the fruit trees.

On average, 50% catch rate is the norm. Three out of four with all of them caught in the first 24 hours is pretty amazing.

These varmints, if left to grow and breed during the winter months, could create widespread damage by summer next year. Mole holes are particularly troublesome for cows hooves because both are nearly the same size. An unsuspecting cow that happens to turn her ankle could have problems that nag for months causing loss of weight and strain on unborn calf. In the garden, whole crops could be lost to the digging. The moles eat the valuable earth worms that we encourage to aerate the ground that can compact easily.

For now, the moles are under control. we will have to see what the rest of the winter holds for us and the critters.


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