Grain Delivery

In addition to the clean up and stowing away of summer equipment, we are gearing up for the winter weather with a delivery of grain for the weaning calves, show cows and bulls.

We are pretty particular about the grain we feed and do not use corn, soy, or extra fillers. The grain we use is a natural product that is made from the screenings of grass seed, this is leftover hulls and culled seeds from the harvesting of grass seed. The screenings are mixed with molasses and formed into pellets. The cattle enjoy the treat of the screenings, the newly weaned calves do well with the mixture and take to the taste quickly. The bulls continue to maintain and even gain weight through the winter so that they are more desirable for sale.

Mike hauls 2- 1 ton bags of grain in our farm pickup, but he has to go all the way to Monmouth Oregon for the special feed. It is a four hour round trip just to haul the grain, before we move it into the barns for feeding.

A tractor hauls a one ton bag of grain through the pasture.Each 1 ton bag is hooked onto the forks of the tractor and unloaded off the pickup to be driven to the barn. On this delivery, one bag goes into the show barn to be fed to the show cows and weaned calves. The other bag will be taken out to the bull pen to be fed to the 2 large bulls and the 8 yearling bulls that are ready to be sold.


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