Wacky shaped veggies are at it again. I was digging a tire-full of fingerlings and found some goofy spuds.

During the spring when I was planting, I put two varieties of potatoes into the tire. One was a white fingerling potato and the other was either a red or a red fingerling. The results of the mixture left the reds with barely a pink hue, while the whites stayed true to their color.

When purchasing the seed potatoes, I had not separated the varieties. Now this may just be the red spuds regular color, but I had not grown any before with this light of a pink to them and they did not look this light when I planted. The skins are very thin and don’t even need to be peeled and they taste marvelous.

I may have to mix my varieties again next spring to see if I can start a new trend in the garden.


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