Official End of Summer Grazing

It’s official, we have now fenced the main herd of cows out of the hay field/pasture for the winter. The field/pasture will be opened up for the cows that start calving.

The field/pasture becomes a nursery field for the cows with new calves. They are able to stay on grass and not get muddy. During the wet and cold winter months the areas are off limits to the main herd in order to keep the grass from getting ripped up.

Temporary fence around a big hay field.A temporary electric fence is a good and economical way to separate the pasture ground from the other areas of grazing.

Once all the cows with new calves are moved into the field in the spring, the temporary fence will again be dismantled until it is time for the cows to be pulled of the field in order for it to grow for hay.

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