Time To Use The Outside Feeders

A herd of black angus cows at feeding time.Since the fields are now off limits for grazing and where we throw slabs of hay on the ground at feeding time, we have moved the herd hillside to eat. The three big, green, metal feeders that we piled rock around in September are now being used as the feeding station for the main herd.

All the calves have been weaned, and the herd sire has been moved over to the show barn on my side of the river. That leaves just the 22 mother cows to feed outside the hay fields.

Twice a day, we will drive bales of hay out to the feeders. It has been less than a week before we started this winter process for feeding but the cows have it all figured out. They graze around the fences and under the tall fir trees until it is time to eat. They usually are standing at the feeders waiting for us before we get across the river.

After eating, they head off to lay down for a while to relax and chew cud before moving around to graze until the next feeding time.


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