New Assignment For Tank

It has been quite a life for Tank, the little calf born to Chardonnay.

Our loaner herd of four cows had been happily grazing at the neighbor farm to assist the farmer manage the overgrown grass in the pastures around his place. That was 17 months ago.

Chardonnay was pregnant when we moved her to be loaned. She has had nine calves already and was well-seasoned in the art of delivering beautiful, healthy babies. With all the spring grass she could eat, she delivered a beast of a baby and we named him Tank. He was born on June 1st and weighed 87 lbs. He was the largest calf born from our herd in 2015. An he was born hungry, he thrived on the loaner farm with Chardonnay giving lots of milk and the continuing grass supply.

At 6 months old, we moved him home with his mom. At weaning he weighed 700 lbs. and was showing good lines with a straight back and strong muscling.

A large Black Angus Bull in a barn.After moving back to the home farm, we trained him to walk with a halter and lead rope along with the other Fair animals. He showed at Clark County Fair and did very well in his classes.

Tank was just sold to a farm on the other side of Portland to be the sire for his own herd of cows. We are very happy with the progress this calf has made and look forward to hearing about how his offspring are doing starting in September 2017.


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