I Scope Cow Pop

I have the great fortune to have some pen pals with a local grade school. It is an initiative that was started by a mother in the area. She was worried that the kids in school are not encouraged to write letters any more and she was hoping that making pen pals that would communicate weekly with the class would be helpful for the kids.

I have a classroom of 2nd Grade students that are drawing pictures of barns and livestock, writing stories about their pets, and asking me questions about my farm. A couple of the kids are already practicing cursive writing. The teacher for my pen pals said that it is hard to get the class to finish their stories in order to start the next subject, so now the writing class has to be the last subject of the day.

Spelling is a challenge for the 2nd Graders which causes communication issues on my end when I read their stories, however I can usually figure out the jest of the reasoning.

My favorite story so far is from a very excited girl who was happy to hear that I have cows and chores on the farm. It is so special, this kid sounds a lot like me! This is a little excerpt from her letter.

…I have a lot of chours in the farm and the house. They are vaccum sweep and mop. I haft to scope cow pop and hours pop. One time I fell in cow pop it was not fun. I smelt like cow pop for a week..

OK folks you heard it here first. I think the Great American Novel is brewing inside this kid. Look for it on a book shelf near you!

Now if you will excuse me, I think it is time to head out to the barn to scope a little cow pop.

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