Oh Baby, It’s Wet Outside

The weather guessers have nailed this forecast. For a week now, they have been warning us that a storm was headed our way and to expect large amounts of rain from a slow-moving system.

The storm has been marching across the Pacific Ocean and was plowing its way the the western side of Oregon for a week now and the day that was expected to have the most precipitation has arrived. Torrential rain has turned every bit of soil into a sloppy goop, the river is running full-span and every puddle has overstretched not only its own boundary but the boundary of every puddle in the yard creating one large farm-sized puddle.

Path in foreground under water, high river in background.The water is running over the roads we take to get to the bridge and the river in the background is pretty high.

We are nearing flood stage, but the deluge is expected to taper off a bit for the next five days. The farm being is situated fairly close to the beginning of the Nehalem River, because of this, once the rain slacks off a bit, the river level drops within an hour or two.

It is fortunate that we worked on the rock road across the river this fall before all this liquid sunshine hit with wild abandon, or the paths we use to take hay to the main herd each day would have been sunk for good.

Two yearling Black Angus calves standing with front legs on stumps.The recently weaned yearling bulls in the bull pen have found their own way to keep their feet out of the mud, or at least their front feet.

When I spotted them, they had each found a stump. Even though it was pouring down rain, they were just standing there, chewing their cud, perfectly contented to brave all the wetness with their dry front feet high above it all.


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