Dispatching Drought Victims

Two maple trees at the edge of the bull pen did not fare so well during the drought last year. Instead of leafing out this spring, they just stood there with bare limbs throughout the summer.A dead maple tree in the bull pen. Since the trees are fairly close to the house and the bull pen fences, the decision was made to take them down before they decided to come down on their own.

The biggest of the two trees was taken down first.

A logger cutting down a maple tree.It didn’t take Mike long to fall the trees. It took 2 days for Mike, me, Marilyn and my right hand helper to get the trees limbed, cut, split and hauled to the other side of the yard to be stacked at the furnace and the branches stacked and burned.

Logger cutting blocks off butt of maple to be split for firewood.With this task completed the bull pen is a safer area for the bulls and the cleanup looks so much better than those old dead trees. We already have a line of cedar and maple trees growing along the fence line to fill in with shade where these two trees failed.

The cedar and maple saplings have been in the ground for about 5 years and are now taller than my head. Within a couple of years, these two that were cleaned up will no longer be missed.


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