Constant Antics While I Work

The four kittens have grown and are now entering the adult stage of their lives, although the kitten in them shows as I feed the animals in the show barn.

This barn is their home base. They eat, sleep and hunt in and around this barn in-between scouting expeditions around the house, farm and garden.

The cats are so comfortable around the cows that they are not afraid to zip past them as they eat or dodge their big feet as they walk through the barn.

If a cat is sitting on a slab of hay that a cow wants to eat, a gentle nudge will move him off the spot so the meal can continue. Every time the strings are cut and removed from a bale of hay, the kittens will chase the string around the barn as I drag it to the trash disposal. I make a habit of pulling the string around awhile so they can get a good workout before the string is discarded. Over bales, around feeders, across the cement, the cats will pounce and bite and drag and pull at the strings until I tire from the game.

I have tried leaving strings tied so they can play by themselves, but they have decided it is only fun if the game is giving me a good workout as they play.


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