Last Of The Carrots Pillaged

Carrots pulled from the garden show rodent damage.Rodents moved into my garden when I wasn’t looking.

I went out to harvest the last of the carrots out of the soil and found them mostly eaten away by rodents.

I have ruled out squirrels, chipmunks and raccoons since the damage on each carrot was started at the bottom end under ground. That leaves gophers, mice, rats and voles.

Rats usually take a lot larger bites than this and voles a lot smaller bites, so I am looking for a herd of mice or a couple of hungry pocket-gophers. But no mater how you look at it, the rodents got to my crop before I finished my harvest and now I’m cranky.

Once the winter is over, I’ll have to be vigilant with planting in the spring in case the varmints are wintering over with me otherwise I could lose all my root crop next year.


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