Finding New Territory

Now that the kittens have decided that the snow is not harmful, they have taken on the challenge of actually enjoying this week of white stuff.

They are making trails through the garden, across the driveway, around the hedges, and the newest spot, up on the tin roof of the shop.

As I was walking out to the barn to feed the cows, I noticed sets of footie prints heading toward the peak of the shop. The top is where the birds like to hang out and they feel safe up there.

Footprints in the snow on the tin roof.On the right is the close up view of the prints, the left shows just how precarious this new hunting ground is.

Roof of shop with cat prints in the snow.


The kittens have figured out this new path and if only for a little while, will stalk birds while in their own territory. More snow is headed our way with several more days of cold weather so the hunt continues.



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