Box Elder Bug

Observation is a large part of figuring out how things work and don’t work when on the farm.

It seems that everything I do is an experiment. It’s smart to plan ahead but, until one is deep into a new task or job, it is a guessing game on the chances for a successful completion.

The latest experiment was not a job but has to do with a little box elder bug I noticed hanging about outside my kitchen window but inside the screen of the window.

A box elder bug on a window screen.This little guy had been crawling around for several days before I snapped a picture. I wondered how he could survive trapped between the screen and window and just how long he could last.

Without visible food or water, this bug was still moving around a week later.

A box elder bug trapped between a screen and the window. The cold weather slowed him down for a couple of days. As the weather warmed, the box elder became more active and was once again roaming around the window.

It was almost two weeks before the bug perished. I don’t know if I learned anything that will help with my next fencing project. But, it is amazing to realize that a simple little bug is so much tougher than us humans who need structures, climate controlled spaces and wardrobes for each type of weather and task.


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