Kinda Embarassing

SNOW-GEDDON, APOCALYPTIC STORM, ALERTS, WARNINGS, the news stations were filled with dire warnings for several days.

The weather guessers could not get a solid read on the change that was coming. They were predicting anywhere from a 1/4 inch to a foot of snow to dump on the Coast Range of Oregon and Washington. That wasn’t just the wide sweep of predictions from all the weather forecasters, each guesser was saying that we could get any amount. All the fancy computer models were widely different.

Black Angus cattle at feeders.Here on the farm, it was business as usual. The winter didn’t seem to harsh for the cows. Each morning they were at the outside feeders ready for breakfast before strolling to the hillside to graze under the tall fir trees until dinner time.

The morning of the predicted storm the roads were dry and clear. It had been freezing temps for several days. Schools were in session, businesses all running, it was a regular morning commute for those who had to go into Portland. At 2pm reports of itty-bitty snowflakes began all across the area.

Schools let out early, drivers packed up and headed for home. The streets clogged with traffic and the roads that were clear just an hour before had turned into snowy skating rinks. Roads were blocked with abandoned cars, school buses that could still maneuver took loads of kids back to school to wait out the storm.

By 7pm, Portland had made news across the country and the flakes were still flying.

At midnight the official snow total for the Portland area was flashed on the news. All this hype and disaster for a total of 1 1/4 inches of snow. I bet the East Coast had a good laugh over that one…



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