Still Chock-Full Of Sugar Plums

This last week and a half have been busy with family, friends and visiting. Since the animals don’t need a lot of maintenance this time of year, it made us easy to invite groups out to the farm and to go several get-togethers.

Since I am still full of the holiday spirit, I wanted to deviate from the farm for a just a post to share some of the fun we had during a wonderful Christmas Eve with family.

Soft-toed patent leather shoes were off in a heartbeat. The multi-color lights blinking on the tree sparkled in her eyes as she grabbed the cowboy boots and lipped them on over her white tights.

The hem of her frilly red dress met at the top of the boots, her knees were hidden from view as she danced around the grown-ups. She gyrated her way off the carpeting and into the kitchen where she two-stepped, twirled and grinned from ear to ear. She put on a magnificent performance showing a variety of fancy moves and slides on the impromptu dance floor. She had the heels clicking as she went and was the source of admiration from parents and relatives.

The old boots, still many sizes too large for the young toddler were more fun than any present that had been placed under the tree.

Little 17 month old Francie-pants was living up to her nickname with a flourish all her own and a smile that melted all our hearts.


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