The Barn Had Been Clean

A couple of weeks ago we spent quite a bit of time getting the show barn cleaned out. Working with a loader tractor, Mike had scooped out all the muck and put down a layer of fresh sawdust on the floor. The barn smelled fresh and woodsy. The herd sire, show cows and replacement heifers all seemed so happy in their areas.

That was just before winter showed up with rounds of freezing and thawing, rain and sleet, silver thaw and wind.

img_5676It found out quickly that the clean-out job had a flaw. Mike had to put some river rock in along the outside of the barn when we did the cleaning because the path that the animals entered and exited the barn had broken down and it was difficult for the cows to walk in deep mire.

When the barn cleaning was done, the repair of the path looked good, but looks were deceiving. The slope of the path didn’t quite lean correctly. During dry weather the slope would have been just fine, but with the muck changing viscosity many times each day, the whole top of the barn-yard became an oozing pool.  Instead of channeling the wet dirt and muck away from the barn, it flowed right in when the animals stepped inside.

The clean barn now has a layer 6 inches deep of muck, and now the ground outside is either too wet to get the tractor in to scoop or too frozen to break apart any of the mess.


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