The Wrong Side Of The Fence

Going across the river to feed the main herd, we noticed some tracks in the snow by the barn.Elk track in the snow. We could see the trail that led over an electric fence and into the side barn-yard where we have blocked off a space for a cow to recuperate away from the main herd.

The trail of hoof prints showed an animal going all around that little grassy area, pushing off the snow and eating the green grass just below the frozen surface.

We double-checked to make sure that our herd was all there. When we took a closer look at the prints we realized that it was not made by one of our herd.

Elk droppings in the snow.One animal from our visiting herd of elk decided to feast on our dedicated pasture area and leave nothing but hoofy prints and elk pellets to thank us for his delicious meal.

Now I don’t mind feeding the herd that now looks like it has grown over the last year, but I do take exception when they are devouring all our areas that we have let grow during the fall for emergency pastures just in case a cow needs extra attention from a twisted ankle or new baby.



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