Time To Peek Out The Window

Friends, Family, FoodGathers and celebrations have ruled this season.

The last three weeks have held steady 30 degree temps only swinging down to 20 and up to 40 occasionally. The farm has been almost running on auto-pilot while the weather has dampened and froze most of the jobs, they are on hold until the temps moderate, and I am hearing that may be a while.

The weather guessers are saying we are in for an arctic cold blast as the rest of the country is also. We are not used to extreme cold as many of the northern states are, so we have to take extra precautions to get water sources protected for the herd. The cold wave may last a week or more if I were to believe the predictors.

I’m going to celebrate while I can and schedule more indoor activities than usual. I have several books downloaded for the duration and will come out of my den, akin to a groundhog, when this winter blast is over.


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