Righteous Indignation

A black and white dog with dirt on his nose. To the dog, Butler, I asked a simple question.

Were you digging in the dirt?

He seemed offended by the accusation and responded with a silence that hoped to prove him innocent beyond all reasonable doubt. But I was not fooled by his haughty nose-in-the-air dismissal of my query.

The dirty nose of a black and white dog.If anything, the dirt perched atop his nose and around his mouth simply proved my point.

I did not know where he found dirt to dig. The ground has been frozen or semi-frozen for weeks and he usually doesn’t dig in frozen ground.

The answer to my question went unanswered, until I attempted to tether him after the chores were done for the day, I found the spot where he found non-frozen earth. Behind his doghouse, under the roof where an old rock walkway has become a storage space for garden equipment, I found a hole or rather a crater.

A black and white dog standing by an air compressor that had fallen in a hole.Butler had dug up the rock path down to the dirt underneath. He had dug a hole so big that the air compressor that was sitting close by fell right into the depression.

Butler seemed sad that the air compressor was in his way of his task of digging to China.

So much for righteous indignation.


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