A Cold Start For 2017

December 14 is when our winter started to kick in. Snow, silver thaw, ice and more snow has continued into the first of the year.

Although it was not big amounts at any one time, the temperature has steadily hovered right at the freezing level for three weeks now. There has not been a moment when snow could not be seen hanging out on the shaded side of the pastures, banks that had slid of the tin roofs, and what was plowed off the roads by the county crew. For us, this is a good, solid winter.

Several Black Angus Bulls hanging around a fire.When we started a fire under an old growth stump to clean up an area in the bull pen, the boys couldn’t leave the warmth alone.

The bulls huddled so close around the fire that it was impossible for anyone to stoke up the flames by adding cleanup branches.

With a lot of pushing, shoving and general horse (cow) play, the bulls effectively put out the fire in short order and dismantled the stacked fuel supply. The next try at cleaning up this spot will have to be when the firemen are not on duty in this pen.

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