Piddy Pat

A new set of hooves were found in the barn this morning. Our show cow, Sitka had a cute little girl.

To say the least, we were a little surprised. Sitka had delivered Mapleine on March 10, 2016. She must have been bred back only a month later in order to have her next one in January. Just like humans, cows usually don’t become fertile after delivery quite so soon especially when they are nursing heavily.

A newborn Black Angus calf standing in the barn.Welcome to the farm Peach, who weighed in at 62 lbs on January 3, 2017.

She looks a little scruffy in her first picture, but once her mom got her all cleaned up her hair is long, jet black and fluffy.

By her size, we think she may be a week or two premature, but she is very happy and healthy. Cutting circles around her mom and sneaking out the door to cavort in the snow before coming back into the shelter of the barn.




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