#94 Plum

A newborn Black Angus calf with mother standing in snowfield. Snowcap was born on the wrong side of the river. After a little debate, it was concluded that the easiest way to move the pair to the other side would be to haul the calf in the John Deere Gator and the cow would swim across to join him on the other side.

Plum was a show animal so she is used to having us close by and did not get upset when Mike drove the Gator right up close to her and dropped the tailgate. It was another matter to get the stout bull into the back, he was heavy and pretty wiggly.

Once Mike had him hoisted into the back, I climbed on top of him (the bull, not Mike). My arms were wrapped around his neck, and my left leg was jammed between his back legs to keep him laying flat. Mike closed the tailgate and drove through the path toward the bridge.

Plum was hot on our heels until we started up the incline of the metal bridge, she veered to the right and down to the river crossing and swam quickly to the other side. She actually beat us across the water and joined us as Mike angled the Gator so she could see her baby.

Mike extricated the calf from beneath me and set him on the ground. Plum was by his side in an instant and we moved the pair to the barn so we could keep an eye on them for a few hours.

Mother Plum was extremely hungry but would not walk into the barn without her boy by her side.

Snowcap  was born 1/4/2017 and weighed in at 92 lbs. Both mother and baby will be allowed to stay around barn and enclosed yard until the weather warms up a bit for fresh water to be found in nursery field.



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