What Have I Done?

This story begins more than a year ago. One of my brothers decided to purchase a piece of equipment to add to his exercise routine.

He went online and placed his order.

The 100 lb. box arrived a few days later. The bulky box just seemed too much of a commitment for my brother. The box stayed on the front porch for many weeks before he went back online to schedule a return. When he found out that the return and shipping fees would add up to almost the purchase price, he stopped trying to return the package.

The big package remained on the porch for several months as he tried to pass on the equipment on to friends and relatives. Space was a big factor, with a box that big and heavy, the assembled unit would take up a lot of room. That factor alone kept everyone out of the receiving loop.

With the holidays over, my front room has quite a bit of open floor space so we moved the heavy package home and man-handled it into the house. This alone was very good exercise!

All parts of an inversion table taken out of the packing box.Once inside we unpacked and assembled the unit.

The packaging was more of a deterrent then the instructions, each bolt, nut, wrench, and thing-a-ma-bob was vacuum sealed onto a cardboard. I used a knife, scissors and   my teeth to tear open the packages.

A woman upright on an inversion table.Success! We got it put together and it was quite comfortable, until the moment when the torture device tips me upside down to stretch (aka dangle, squirm, and turn red-faced).

At this point, I’m not sure how much I will be using this unit, but the good news is that I have a lineup of friends and relatives that want to give it a try. Maybe if someone really enjoys the topsy-turvy table, it will accidentally get gifted to them. I’ll even deliver.


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