Doing A Double-Take

Looking out the window a shape that looks like a coyote.I happened to glance out the kitchen window and saw a coyote standing in the bull pen about 100 feet from the house.

I was shocked to see a coyote so close to the house and especially in the bull pen. The bulls are very protective of their space and most wildlife steer clear of the area. Also the dogs are just on the other side of the house and they are alert to any unwanted critters that come within within a football field of the yard.

We have been watching the field behind the house, we have deemed the field the Coyote Super Highway. Two days ago we saw a morning commute that included a string of at least 7 coyotes as they headed out to hunt. With calving season starting, we are monitoring the critters closely since cows calving and newborns are susceptible to these meat eaters.

It was a little blurry to see him  because I have a screen on this window so I hurried into the dinning room to get a better look before he ran away.

Looking at a coyote in the snow.The clearer view showed that the critter was not a coyote at all, it was simply the snow that had been all around an old fir stump in the bull pen and parts of it had been melted, leaving an outline that fooled me as a predator.

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