Unusual Traffic

Living on a rural county road, I can usually tell what day of the week it is by the traffic that goes by.

I see loggers go by early weekday mornings headed for the logging site. Log trucks can start as early as 3am during the summer and 5am during the winter to get the first load headed for the mill. Familiar rigs go by that carry neighbors to work, and kids to school travel past around 6 or 7. Weekends have jeeps and refurbished 4 x4s that head out to the woods for 4-wheeling adventures. Bicycles by the bunches and motorcycles go past on the loop that takes them to Vernonia for a stop before turning and heading back to the cities.

But this weekend is different. The loggers and log trucks are running full bore, trying to get loads in that were stranded in the woods over the last two weeks while the weather stormed through the area, leaving many roads impassable. Normally logs are not hauled on weekends, but the weather forecast is calling for warmer weather to move in and begin to thaw the deep freeze that settled in the area.

The roads and roadbeds have been frozen for about 3 weeks now and with the thaw coming, the County roads will be closed to heavy hauling until pavement and rock beneath are thawed. Hauling heavy loads on the road during the thaw would tear up the pavement and dislodge the asphalt from the roadbed destroying the roadbed completely.

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